Sarah Brame, shocked when shark steals her catch

By now you’ve probably seen the viral YouTube video (below) of the girl in North Myrtle Beach, SC, stunned¬†when a shark suddenly pierced through the water and stole her catch.


She’s fishing off a dock in Cherry Grove Inlet (CBS news story). If you’re wondering exactly where that happened and how far up the inlet the shark swam, we have an aerial photo pinpointing the exact location.


This shocker and the family’s hilarious expletives occurred July 10, and within days the video had over 5 million views.

Bull Shark snatches fish in Cherry Grove Inlet

So exactly where was Sarah? How far up the inlet did the shark swim? Check out this aerial photo. It’s a long way from the ocean. Almost two full miles. (Click on image to enlarge)


Shark Location in Cherry Grove Inlet, North Myrtle Beach. The 3-story building in the video’s background is Fisherman’s Wharf Condo Project at 42nd Ave. North. Photo by Angela Fellenz (click on image to enlarge)

If you’re a fisherman and you want in on the action, the Cherry Grove section of North Myrtle Beach is packed with beach houses you can rent and buy. Before you make a move, you might want to read about sediment in the channels and which ones aren’t navigable at low tide¬†(click HERE).

July 15, 2012 by Kay Van Hoesen



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