Appraisal Services
Fee Schedule*
Single Family Residential $450
Condominium $450
Sales Comparison Grid (for individuals) $225
FHA Appraisal $500
Multi-Family Appraisal $675
Manufactured Home Appraisal $625
Jumbo-Loan Appraisal $650
Vacant Land Appraisal $350
Construction Progress Report $150
Satisfactory Completion Certificate $150
Rent Schedule $150
Operating Income Statement $150
Forensic Appraisal $675
Tax Appeal Appraisal $350
Phone Consultation (Half Hour) $100
Expert Testimony / Litigation Call for Quote
Appraisals for Divorce / Estate Planning Call for Quote
Feasibility Studies Call for Quote
Marketing and Sales Consultation Call for Quote
*Prices may vary, depending on complexity of assignment




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