How to Sell Real Estate for Highest Price

Selling Your House or Condo Fast

The Right Listing Price to Sell Your Home or Condo

You’re selling your house, condo, or any real estate, and you want the highest possible price … so how do you set your listing price to attract bidders?
Price it too high, and you’ll scare off potential buyers.
Too many people overprice their listings and as a result, lose more money than they make. My friend did that, and here’s what happened. Read More→

Buying Myrtle Beach Foreclosures at Auction

How to Buy Foreclosures at Court-Ordered Auctions

How to Buy Foreclosures at Court-Ordered Auctions

Buying Myrtle Beach foreclosures at auction requires knowledge, experience and savvy. Rookies can get burned quickly.
Every month between 200 and 300 properties get sold at the Horry County foreclosure auction in Conway, SC.  Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos, vacation homes, townhouses, mobile homes, rentals, golf villas, vacant lots, land tracts and even commercial property — all go to the highest bidder.
Though foreclosures are disappearing in much of the country, we still have a large supply at auction each month because South Carolina is a judicial state. We’re one of about 15 states that requires foreclosures to go through the court system, slowing down the process. So there are still opportunities at the foreclosure auctions, and because the market has bottomed, this is a great time to buy. Read More→

How to Make Money Investing in Condotels

Client earns 17% instant equity plus 7% annual net return on condo rentals.
If you’re looking for resort real estate with positive cash flow, worry-free management and good potential appreciation, consider a condotel.


Here in Myrtle Beach, our oceanfront is lined with condo projects run like resort hotels. They have front desks, maid service, on-site restaurants, spas, pools, lazy rivers, tiki bars –- everything a tourist or holiday-maker wants from a vacation hotel.


Right now, you can buy these coastline condotel units through any Realtor at up to 55% off their pre-recession prices and in many cases realize a 5% to 7% positive cash flow. Read More→

Buyer Beware | Helicopter Noise Complaints from Plantation Point Homeowners

Helicopter over shoreline

Helicopter Tours over Myrtle Beach

A year ago we talked about noise issues locals know about and you should, too, including continuous complaints from residents in the upscale Plantation Point subdivision about a nearby tourism-related chopper launching pad. For now, it seems Helicopter Adventures has won the legal battle.
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SC Beachfront Management Act Might Get Axed

myrtle beach sea oats shore line

Myrtle Beach Sea Oats and Sand Dunes

If you’ve been around long enough, as I have, you’ll remember the hoopla over the 1988 Beachfront Management Act, setting limits on oceanfront construction, use of sea walls, replacement of pools and much more, all designed to protect South Carolina shoreline and beaches.
Yesterday the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (“DHEC”) released a report stating the retreat policy is “vague” and “unattainable.” The blue ribbon committee report recommends replacing the 1988 retreat policy with one of “preservation,” as reported in The State newspaper. Read More→

Myrtle Beach: Helicopter Noise Battle Rages On

Helicopter over shoreline

Helicopter Tours over Myrtle Beach

Last May we reported on noise issues locals know about and you should, too, before buying real estate in Myrtle Beach.
One problem area is the high-end Plantation Point subdivision with residents complaining about sight-seeing helicopter tours from nearby Helicopter Adventures, prompting one resident to say “… it is like being trapped in a really bad, never-ending episode of M*A*S*H.” Read More→

Horry County Property Taxes – How to Appeal

Myrtle Beach real estate appraiser explains process of appealing property taxes in Horry County, South Carolina.
Trying to calculate your Horry County real estate taxes?
Click the link below to download the 2012 millage chart.


How to calculate? Read More→

North Myrtle Beach | Cherry Grove Non-Navigable Channels – Property Values

Cherry Grove Channel – Low Tide (click image to enlarge)

Good news for fisherman, boaters and channel-front property values in the Cherry Grove section of North Myrtle Beach.
After eight years of legal wrangling over ownership of the canals, it’s official: ownership belongs to the State of South Carolina, and the City of North Myrtle Beach plans to dredge the main canal and 28 channels.
Sediment in the channels has increased from 4 inches to 15 inches in the last five years, and as a result, boaters must time their outings with high tide.
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Myrtle Beach Real Estate – Third Quarter Building Permits Up 70% – Active Listings Down 7%

More indicators that the Myrtle Beach housing market is strengthening. Active home and condo real estate listings have steadily declined and residential new construction permits have surged.


Horry County released the number of residential new construction permits issued for the month of September 2012. Permits are up 76% over September 2011. In August 2012, permits were up 89% over 2011. In July 2012, residential new construction building permits increased 44% over July 2011. For the quarter, residential new construction building permits are up an average of 70% over the same quarter in 2011.


Residential New Construction Building Permits

Source: Horry County Code Enforcement

Year-over-Year, Month-by-Month Increase / (Decrease)


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Myrtle Beach Real Estate Recovery: Four Indicators Say Bottom Reached

If you’re in the housing sector, you know the nation’s abuzz with optimism about a real estate recovery. But what about the local, Myrtle Beach market? We’ll get to that in a minute.


In yesterday’s release of the S&P/Case Shiller composite index, David M. Blitzer, Chairman of the Index Committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices stated, “Home prices increased again in July,” and “All 20 cities and both Composites were up on the month for the third time in a row. Even better, 16 of the 20 cities and both Composites rose over the last year.”


And Wall Street is bullish on housing. Last week in Wall Street Daily, Chief Investment Strategist Louis Basenese said, ” The recovery should pick up steam in the coming months.”


That’s not all. Goldman Sachs released this list of housing’s positives: Read More→