Here’s how you can maximize this service:
Here you’ll find three recent reports. Premium subscribers get alerted when new properties are added, so you can act quickly before they’re sold. Our top picks (10% or more under market) are at THIS LINK. Plus dozens more get reported in the member-only premium content area.
This welcome video explains the service you can expect:
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    • Just like the market, The Certifax Report is dynamic and constantly changing. You’ll constantly find new options; sometimes daily.


    • Rock-bottom listings sell fast, so if you’re interested, you’ll need to respond fast. You’ll get timely email alerts so you can act before anyone else. Please check your spam and add us to your safe-sender list.


    • What if you’re out of town and can’t get here fast? No worries. We can refer you to reputable, seasoned agents who specialize in whatever property you’re looking at (no charge). They can send you videos, etc.


    • What’s the difference between Top Picks and the other listings? All listings are under market. But Top Pick listings are 10% or more under market.


    • If you see something on the Top Picks list and want more details: Everything’s dated and in chronological order. Find the date on the Top Picks list and then you can locate it in the Premium Content section.


  • Many of the older listings have already been sold. These don’t last long.


If you see a condo you like, let us know. Chances are we have the floor plan, and we can email it to you. No charge.


If you’re looking for something special (say, a certain area or type of property), please tell us what you want. We’ll keep an eye out for you and let you know if we find something.


Broker referrals. We know which agents specialize in short sales, condos, the North Strand, the South Strand, etc. We’ll be happy to provide you concierge service and direct you to someone seasoned in the property you want. No charge.


As a premium subscriber you’re entitled to two 30-minute phone consultations per month at only $50 each (normal consultation fee is $100.00). So if you want to pick our brains, please book an appointment at or 843-497-9155, Ext. 105.
How to log in and change your password: On the right widget bar, beneath the graph for “Single Family Sales vs. Listings,” is the Member Log-in Area.
Our goal is to help you and your family feel relaxed and worry-free, knowing what you’re getting into, acting on solid research. If there’s anything we can do for you, please let us know.


Thanks for joining us!




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