Frequently Asked Questions

(for 2009-2013 Tax Appeals)


  • How do I know if my property value is lower than the appraised value on my tax bill?


Each property is different and typically takes considerable research to find and analyze comparable sales. Thus, without doing the work of an appraisal, we are unable to tell you what your property would appraise for.  If you believe your property would have sold for significantly less than the appraised value on your tax bill, you may want to object your assessment.


  • What will happen if I hire Certifax to prepare an appraisal for me?


A state certified appraiser at Certifax will prepare a retrospective summary appraisal of your property effective either December 31, 2008 or December 31 in the year the property’s ownership interest last transferred.


Because single family homes are unique, they take significantly greater time to research and analyze than condominiums and townhouses. As a result, we are unable to discount single family fees as much as condo and townhouse fees.


Certifax will file your objection along with the appraisal of your property with the Horry County Tax Assessor’s office. You will also receive a copy of the appraisal via email or U.S. mail.


  • What happens next?


Someone from the Horry County appraisal staff will look at your appeal and render a decision. They will then contact you via U.S.mail stating the results.


If you disagree with their results, you will have 30 days to request a conference (which can be done by phone) to further justify your position. If you do not respond within 30 days, the matter will be closed.


If you disagree with the result of the “conference,” you will have 30 days to request an appeal with the Horry County Board of Assessment Appeals. (The correspondence you receive will outline how to move forward with this.) If you do not respond within 30 days, the matter will be closed.


If you choose to take the matter to the Appeal Board, it is not necessary to meet with them in person. Your meeting can be done via telephone, and you can use the appraisal as your documentation of your property’s appraised value.


  • What happens if I disagree with the Appeal Board’s decision?


You will be given an option to take the matter to the Administrative Law Court in Columbia, S.C.


  • How long does this process take?


Horry County has been overwhelmed with appeals in the last few years, and currently not all appeals from last year are settled. So this process could be lengthy.


  • What happens if my taxes are lowered?


You will receive a refund, plus interest determined in accordance with Section 12-54-24 of S.C. State Law.


  • How much refund can I expect to receive for every $1,000 in value difference?


That depends on your specific tax district.


For example, for non-primary owners in tax district 880 in the City of Myrtle Beach, the millage rate is .2415, taxed at a 6% rate.


So for every $1,000 in appraised value difference, the tax assessment would be calculated as follows:


$1,000 x .06 (6%) x .2415 = $14.49


Thus, if the appraised value differed by $50,000, the assessment difference would be $724.50.


If the appraised value differed by $100,000, the assessment difference would be $1,449.


  • Even if my appraised value is less than the appraised value on my tax bill, will the County lower my taxes? 


Obviously, the County does not want to lower your and everyone else’s taxes. It could be a fiscal nightmare for them. Yet, as an owner you have the right to appeal the value placed on your property, and if you can demonstrate via comparable sales a lower value, the chances are good they will adjust your assessed value.

Many owners who objected to their tax assessment last year have successfully lowered their taxes.


  • If my taxes are lowered, will I be taxed at the lowered rate in future years? 


Yes, if you have not made changes to the property or ownership, the assessed value will not change until the next countywide reassessment in 2014.


  • What happens if the appraised value is greater than the County’s assessed value?


If the appraised value is close to or greater than the County’s assessed value, or if there are no apparent savings from protesting your tax assessment, we will not automatically submit the appeal. Rather, we will contact you to discuss.


  • Is my appraisal confidential? Will it affect my ability to get a loan or sell my property for a higher price?

Your appraisal is completely confidential and no one but the Certifax Appraisal staff and the County tax employees will see it. Neither your appraisal nor the results of your appraisal will be published anywhere. No real estate agent, lender or buyer will ever see your appraisal unless YOU share it with them.


  • If I order a Current Market Value Appraisal, when will I receive that report?


The current market value appraisal and tax appeal appraisal will both be completed at the same time. Depending on the backlog of orders we receive, unless you request otherwise, most appraisals will be completed within four weeks of ordering. If you need it sooner, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


  • How will you deliver the appraisal to me?

Your copy of the appraisal will be emailed to you, unless you specify other instructions.


  • Where can I get official information about the tax appeal process and verify the process and procedures outlined herein?


Online at