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An Open Letter to all Non-U.S. Real Estate Investors looking for Property in Myrtle Beach, S.C., U.S.A.

If you’re a busy executive who is short on time and needs solid answers with concrete results, we can help you find the perfect Myrtle Beach oceanfront or golf course property, saving you 10% to 50% off current prices–upwards of US$100,000 below market–as well as significant time and worry.
Outside the U.S., we’re known as property evaluators. After more than 35,000 appraisals for over 3,400 clients, we’re also making our services available to help investors find genuine under-priced buying opportunities.

You’ll find Golf Course Property
Photo courtesy The Dunes Club

Myrtle Beach is home to more than 100 golf courses. With our sub-tropical weather, friendly local people, casual lifestyle, and relatively inexpensive cost of living, this is an ideal location for a holiday home that you can also rent to tourists when you’re not here.

Being a world traveler myself, I know it’s bewildering to look for real estate in a foreign place. That’s why I created The Certifax Report.
Designed for out-of-town buyers like you, we remove all the guess work and give you

  • simple facts on the best deals,
  • how close they are to the sea and airport,
  • the positives and any negatives,

so you can make an informed decision.
Best of all, we don’t weigh you down with real estate that doesn’t meet our strict criteria of earning you instant equity.
we’re available to you for consultation by phone and by Skype. We’re your real estate concierge.

You’ll find oceanfront property

After 26 years appraising in Myrtle Beach, no one knows this market better. We can help you locate exactly what you want and invest with confidence without ever stepping foot here.

You’ll find Waterway Property

This is an excellent time to buy IF you’re not overpaying.
We’ll make sure you get the best value for your investment and you’re finding a property you’ll love to visit and will be proud to share with your friends and family.



Guaranteed Effective and Worth 50 Times Its Cost – Or You Pay Nothing


Available for the First Time to Real Estate Investors


Done-for-you research on the best bargains in Myrtle Beach priced 10% to 50% under current prices, so you can save US$25,000 to US$100,000 on a single transaction. And with our help, you can do this from afar.


Includes alerts when they hit the market so you can act before everyone else and snag them before they’re gone … dozens of authentic, fast-selling, money-saving deals each month. We’re here to help you execute the transaction.


You get all the necessary facts, giving you the ability to make fully-informed decisions, minimizing your work, your risk, and your time.


Features oceanfront, ocean view, waterway, and golf course property including houses, condos and golf villas. Luxury to budget. Prices as low as US$25,000 and up to US$1 million.


Backed by our reputation for accuracy, facts and honest answers. After more than 35,000 appraisals for over 3,400 clients, we’ve dealt with every aspect of this market. No one knows it better, and you’ll get guaranteed unbiased, objective, intelligent data that can save you time, worry and money.


Dear Hardworking Investor:


Luxury to Budget
All Researched by the Certifax Staff

You hear it everywhere … the market’s bottomed, and now you want to jump in before all the good deals are gone.
Myrtle Beach is an ideal holiday home destination, but you don’t live here, so how do you know where to begin?
If you could find someone to help you who …

  • knows the market inside and out
  • has a track record of helping people earn loads of money in real estate
  • commercial appraisers turn to for her residential expertise

… what would her guidance be worth to you?
I am that person.
After more than 35,000 appraisals for over 3,400 clients, I’ve saved countless people from overpaying on real estate and helped others get rich on real estate.
I want to help you, too.
This is why I created The Certifax Report, a complete ‘done-for-you’ resource that is proven to give you guaranteed money-saving deals with no hype and no hidden agendas from someone with no commissions at stake.


“Had it not been for Kay, I would have undoubtedly left bag after bag of money on the table either as a buyer or seller.”

Attorney Scott Umstead

For any of you who wonder if The Certifax Report is all it’s cracked up to be, I can only tell you that it most certainly is. While the Report itself is new, its founder, Kay Van Hoesen, is highly experienced and her “word” on values is purely unexcelled. For years now, I have refused to make a single move in real estate without her expert consultation. Had it not been for Kay, I would have undoubtedly left bag after bag of money on the table either as a buyer or seller. She has shown me the most profitable niches of any current market and, further, has directed me to specific deals and the finer points of valuation. I could have easily paid for a lifetime subscription to the Certifax Report with only a fraction of what she has saved me on any one deal. She’s the best; get in on it.
Scott B. Umstead, Esq. • Scott B. Umstead, P.A.

4226 Mayfair Street • Suite 100 • Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 • (843) 913-4610


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These tried and true reports deliver unprecedented buying opportunities time and time again. These are the steals and deals everybody’s looking for, and Certifax Report members are the first to know about dozens every month.
Shown below are just some of the recently closed sales that Certifax Report members were privy to as buying opportunities. You’ll see savings of 10% to 36%, up to US$120,000 below current prices. That’s right, these are the savings off today’s already historic-low prices!
These are the ones that go contract pending in days that everyone’s scrambling to find. Certifax Report members get the research and first-to-know alerts before the masses know about these opportunities.

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Kay Van Hoesen Founder of Certifax, Inc., Sharing her Proven Analysis so You can Save Time, Worry and Money

Now you can enjoy similar results with your real estate investments while saving yourself a ton of time that can be better spent with your family and on enjoyable hobbies like golfing, fishing or boating.
I can’t say whether you’ll always get a 50-to-1 return on investment, but I can guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the service, or you’ll pay nothing.
I’ll explain more about this extraordinary guarantee in a moment.
But before we discuss that, let me share with you how this all came about.
For years my staff and I quietly did appraisals for mortgage lenders. Often the sales were overpriced, and when we “didn’t make value” we sometimes got black-balled by agents and lenders.
Despite all the changes in the market, many properties are still overpriced today, and we’re still unpopular with some people because of our honest assessments.
Recently we saved a couple from Washington, D.C. from overpaying on a condo by US$70,000. We pissed off a Realtor, a developer and a lender, but we saved Bob and Mary US$70,000.
After seeing way too many buyers come here and pay way too much money — through no fault of their own except lack of knowledge — I knew there had to be a better way.


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“They can simplify your life and
save you from making some serious mistakes.”

Dave Brunko

If you’re wondering whether Kay Van Hoesen and Certifax are credible, I can tell you unequivocally, they are. I have consulted with Kay for appraisals since the 1980s and done business with Certifax since its inception. You’ll find them fair, honest, intelligent and informed. They can simplify your life and save you from making some serious mistakes. Whenever I have a chance to recommend them, I do.


David L. Brunko, President • Investors Mortgage Company, Inc.

4717 Jenn Dr., Suite 100 • Myrtle Beach,SC 29577 • 843-449-5261

You deserve to have this information and the opportunity to capitalize on my research.
We tell it like it is.
Finally, facts you can count on with no hype, no fluff, and no baloney.
From this point forward you can put away the charts and spread sheets because we do all that for you.

Do you have the time or resources to analyze 13,000 listings? We do. After 35,000 appraisals, no one knows this market better nor can anyone come close to our skill in analyzing data.
What would it be like if your search for real estate started off with a narrowed-down list of exemplary opportunities?
How much time, anxiety and frustration could you save if you knew that every possibility is a golden opportunity?
The biggest problem is choosing only one because they’re all so good.
Of course the financial savings are great, but there’s a much bigger benefit: The freedom that comes with more spare time for family, friends and hobbies, less stress, and peace of mind.



“I trust them so much, that whenever I’ve needed personal residential appraisals, I’ve always insisted on using Kay.”

Bill Hazen
Commercial Appraiser

Among residential appraisers, Certifax Appraisals and Kay Van Hoesen are highly regarded in the Myrtle Beach area. Whenever someone needs residential work, I always refer them to Kay and her staff. They are true professionals, know the Myrtle Beach market like the back of their hands, and are a credit to the appraisal profession. I trust them so much, that whenever I’ve needed personal residential appraisals, I’ve always insisted on using Kay.
William E. Hazen • S.C. Certified General Appraiser – CG 1395
President • Hazen Company & Associates

4603 Oleander Drive • Suite 10 • Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


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The Certifax Report is Unlike Anything Else for Real Estate Investors


More than Just Algorithms
Real Analysis and Real Deals

You’ve probably seen or heard about national companies offering foreclosure information. Maybe you even tried a few of them but didn’t find any deals. That’s because they don’t give you deals. They only give you public records — and algorithms — with absolutely no research.
Just because something is a foreclosure doesn’t mean it’s underpriced. You still have to know the market, the neighborhoods, the recent sales and competing active inventory.
Difference #1: We look at all of it. We analyze recent sales as well as active competing inventory. If it’s not priced under recent sales and under current actives, it doesn’t get included.
Difference #2: We know the neighborhoods and the nuances, and we’ll tell you if there’s anything odd like groundwater contamination or a gravel mine nearby or rundown properties in close vicinity.
Difference #3: They overwhelm you with pre-foreclosures, delinquencies and possible auction properties that may never be available for purchase. We only give property that is available for purchase and can be closed in a matter of weeks.
Difference #4: We give you more than just bank-owned property. If it’s an underpriced FSBO or simply a well-priced conventional listing that’s under market, we include it.

To Master Real Estate Investing You Only Need the Right Tools
And the Most Precious Commodity in the World … Knowledge


“Kay is a master appraiser … If you really want to know the market and value, you won’t find a better appraiser than Kay Van Hoesen.”

Tracey Magdeburg

For six years I trained to become an appraiser at Certifax Appraisals before striking out on my own in 2007. I now have a flourishing appraisal business in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, and I get countless accolades from my customers and clients about my reports and my ability to analyze complex properties. I can honestly say, had it not been for the tutelage I received under Kay Van Hoesen, my skills as an appraiser would be no where near this level. Kay is a master appraiser. Not only are her ethics, standards and knowledge beyond reproach, but also she has an innate ability to decipher market data and boil it down so anyone can understand it. If you really want to know the market and value, you won’t find a better appraiser than Kay Van Hoesen.
Tracey Magdeburg • N.C. Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser # A5269
A+ Appraising • Maggie Valley, NC • 828-926-5303

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Screen Shot of a Typical Report:


The Surprising Low Cost
of this
All-In-One Research, Analysis and Deal Finder


To Profit from the Market, You have to Analyze Recent Sales, Current Listings, and Know Neighborhood Pros and Cons

If you were to hire a knowledgeable, experienced appraiser, someone who’s been in the trenches and knows first-hand the pros and cons of different neighborhoods, to analyze and estimate value, even if it’s just a “desk-top” review, you’d be looking at a likely charge of us$225 per assignment, or us$6,000 to us$9,000 for 30 to 40 reports every month.
Now consider that we’re not only researching and alerting you to 30 to 40 opportunities a month, but we’re also analyzing at least that many or more that don’t make our strict criteria of earning you instant equity.

Imagine what you’d pay to hire that much research.


True, we are not giving you appraisals and we’re not acting as appraisers, but we are calling on our vast experience and knowledge from 26 years and more than 35,000 appraisals in the Myrtle Beach market to identify and alert Certifax Report members to some of the best offerings at any given moment. The opportunities change constantly, and if you’re not on top of them, you’ll miss out.


For Pennies a Day You can get Research and Alerts to Save upwards of $25,000 to $100,000 in a Single Transaction

For literally pennies a day you can profit from our research and alerts so you can score deals saving yourself upwards of us$25,000 to us$100,000 in a single transaction
… easily a 50-to-1 return on your investment and often much more.


That is why I am confident about giving you a 90-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, because I know any smart investor will immediately realize the value of this knowledge, not only in monetary savings but also in time saved and peace of mind gained. If, after trying this for 90 days, you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply click the cancel link at the bottom of the website to get a full refund.

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Here’s What You Get:

Dozens of rock-bottom investment opportunities every month

Save upwards of us$25,000 to us$100,000 under current, historic-low prices in a single transaction

Oceanfront, ocean view, waterway, and golf course property

Includes houses, condos and golf villas

Luxury to budget. Prices as low as us$25,000 and up to us$1 million.

Done-for-you, bullet-proof research on the best bargains priced 10% to 50% under current prices

Put away the charts and spread sheets because we do all that for you

Alerts so you can act fast — before everyone else — to snag deals

Guaranteed Effective and Worth 50 Times Its Cost – Or You Pay Nothing

Knowledge that Other People Don’t Have but Want

No Hype. No Hidden Agendas. No Commissions at Stake.

Just pennies a day translates into massive savings of time, money and peace of mind

Guaranteed Unbiased. No sellers or agents can influence or pay to get listed

Easy-to-read synopsis including recent competing sales

Reveals the good, the bad and the ugly, so you can make fully-informed decisions

Minimizes your work, your risk, and your time

Property ID including tax map number

Interactive maps

Interactive photos

Hot-link to MLS listing (if it’s in MLS)

Listing office and agent — so you can contact them if you’re interested


PlusBroker referrals. If you’re out of town, we can help you with a purchase, included free

PlusPremium member access and discounted one-on-one consulting with Certified Appraiser


Get a 10-day trial for just us$1 – Sign up Now and Find Deals Today

Select a Membership from the choices below. You will be billed us$1. If you enjoy the service, do nothing, and on the 11th day your membership will commence based upon your membership choice. Or, easily cancel to avoid future charges.


Only us$397

For the Professional Investor
Just us$33 per Month
You Save 32%
over monthly
us$1 Trial for 10 Days

I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and understand this is not an appraisal.


Only us$127

Save us$20.00

over monthly


14% Savings

us$1 Trial for 10 Days


I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and understand this is not an appraisal.


Only us$49


  • Dozens of incomparable deals every month
  • Up to 10% to 50% below recent sales
  • Avoid buyer’s remorse
  • Enjoy your extra free time for boating, beach or golf
  • Just one tip could save you $25,000 to $100,000, or more

us$1 Trial for 10 Days

I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and understand this is not an appraisal.


*By clicking “Join Now” you agree to the Terms of Use. 10-day trial for US$1. If you enjoy the service, do nothing, and on the 11th day your membership will commence based upon your membership choice. Or, easily cancel to avoid future charges. For your convenience, your dues will be automatically renewed and will never increase as long as your membership remains uninterrupted. You understand The Certifax Report is not an appraisal but rather a general-information publication containing research and opportunities that can save you time and money. Certifax, Inc. is acting as publisher of The Certifax Report. You are a Certifax Report member; you are not an appraisal client. You are responsible for your own due diligence before making a real estate purchase, including, but not limited to, retaining the services of a licensed or certified real estate appraiser, home inspector and legal counsel.

Questions? Call us at 843-497-9155, Ext. 105 • Email us at


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