Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule one-on-one phone consultations?
As a premium member, you’re entitled to two phone consultations per month with a certified appraiser at half the normal fee. Others pay $100.00. You’re entitled to two 30-minute phone consultations per month at $50 each.
You can talk to us about anything; for instance, more info on property found in The Certifax Report, property that’s not in this report, HOA dues, taxes, rental incomes, neighborhoods, etc.
To schedule, email us at or call us at 843-497-9155, Ext. 105.
How do I log-in and change my password?
On the right widget bar, beneath the graph for “Single Family Sales vs. Listings,” is the Member Log-in area.
Why can’t I access the premium content?
If you can’t access member data and you’re a paid member, these are the two most common reasons:

  1. Your membership has expired.
  2. Your account is locked because it reached the IP log-in limit, and you automatically got locked out. Please remember, account sharing is strictly prohibited and may result in your account getting permanently shut down.

Please contact us so we can help you log in.
How do I cancel my membership?
Click on the word CANCEL which will take you to the cancellation page.