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Become a Certifax Affiliate

The Certifax Affiliate Program allows you to earn continuous income by working alongside Kay Van Hoesen in helping people to save money and have a worry-free experience when they buy real estate in Myrtle Beach and on the Grand Strand.  We pay you every month that your referral is subscribed, and you can trust that we’ll handle your referrals with the utmost care.

What is an Affiliate?
An affiliate is someone who uses their own website or referral base to recommend The Certifax Report and earns referral fees (commissions) for doing so. You are not responsible for accepting money, shipping products or packaging. You simply refer people to our website and earn commission when they subscribe!
Why Become an Affiliate?
If you have had any dealings with Kay Van Hoesen and her staff, you will know their extensive knowledge base, care and the beyond-the-call-of-duty motto they exercise with every client. And you will know they have saved countless people from overpaying on real estate purchases. Backed by more than 35,000 appraisals for over 3,400 clients, they enjoy a reputation for honesty, facts, and credible appraisals. Why not share your experience with friends and colleagues while at the same time creating income for yourself?
We Make it Easy to Participate!

  • It costs nothing to join
  • Earn 30% commission on all subscriptions offered to The Certifax Report
  • Easily track sales through your dedicated affiliate resource center

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, please contact us by email at or by phone at 843-497-9155, Ext. 105. We’ll send you a “Welcome Email” with tips on how to begin making commission immediately!
If you’re already an affiliate, welcome aboard! Your earnings information is shown below.